About tuning Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) with templates

Dynamic Multi-Pathing has multiple tunable parameters and attributes that you can configure for optimal performance. DMP provides a template method to update several tunable parameters and attributes with a single operation. The template represents a full or partial DMP configuration, showing the values of the parameters and attributes of the host.

To view and work with the tunable parameters, you can dump the configuration values of the DMP tunable parameters to a file. Edit the parameters and attributes, if required. Then, load the template file to a host to update all of the values in a single operation.

You can load the configuration file to the same host, or to another similar host. The template method is useful for the following scenarios:

At any time, you can reset the configuration, which reverts the values of the tunable parameters and attributes to the DMP default values.

You can manage the DMP configuration file with the vxdmpadm config commands.

See the vxdmpadm(1m) man page.