Tuning a DMP host with a configuration attribute template

You can use a template file to upload a series of changes to the DMP configuration to the same host or to another similar host.

Veritas recommends that you load the DMP template to a host that is similar to the host that was the source of the tunable values.

To configure DMP on a host with a template

  1. Dump the contents of the current host configuration to a file.
    # vxdmpadm config dump file=filename
  2. Edit the file to make any required changes to the tunable parameters in the template.

    The target host may include non-shared arrays or host-specific arrays. To avoid updating these with settings from the array name or array type, define an enclosure section for each of those arrays in the template. When you load the template file to the target host, the enclosure section determines the settings. Otherwise, DMP applies the settings from the respective array name or array type sections.

  3. Validate the values of the DMP tunable parameters.
    # vxdmpadm config check file=filename

    DMP displays no output if the configuration check is successful. If the file contains errors, DMP displays the errors. Make any required corrections until the configuration file is valid. For example, you may see errors such as the following:

    VxVM vxdmpadm ERROR V-5-1-0 Template file 'error.file' contains 
    following errors:
    Line No: 22  'dmp_daemon_count' can not be set to 0 or less
    Line No: 44  Specified value for 'dmp_health_time' contains 
    Line No: 64  Specified value for 'dmp_path_age' is beyond 
    the limit of its value
    Line No: 76  'dmp_probe_idle_lun' can be set to either on or off
    Line No: 281 Unknown arraytype
  4. Load the file to the target host.
    # vxdmpadm config load file=filename

    During the loading process, DMP validates each section of the template. DMP loads all valid sections. DMP does not load any section that contains errors.