About centralized management and monitoring

In many data centers, the effective management of storage requires a number of different people performing different operations in different locations. For example, a storage administrator monitors and provisions the corresponding array storage, while a server administrator is tasked with ensuring the efficient use of volumes and file systems. An application administrator oversees the applications and databases that consume the storage.

With Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager, all these tasks can be performed at a central point: the Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager console. Using the console, one administrator can easily gather information, monitor and allocate resources, and perform operations on hosts, databases, applications, and storage resources throughout the data center. Thus the disparate roles and tasks of the server administrator, storage administrator, and application administrator converge in the Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager console.

The central administrator can also generate status and inventory reports and distribute the reports to others who need the information.

This centralized operation and reporting is platform and vendor agnostic. Information can be collected, and operations performed, across a variety of operating systems and on storage arrays from multiple hardware vendors. Also, you can monitor and manage the licenses that are installed for Storage Foundation and high availability products in Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager.

The Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager console, running as a thin client, is accessed through any supported Web browser. The console also provides an entry point to the individual Storage Foundation High Availability products.

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