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Installation and Upgrade Report for OpsCenter 8.0, Linux RHEL7 (Report ID: XXXXX, Data collector version: XXXX) 


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Report for Sample Server

Product to be installed/upgraded:OpsCenter
Platform: Linux RHEL7
Distribution: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)
System model: VMware, Inc. VMware Virtual Platform
Run time: 2017-08-06 22:14:55

All NetBackup Servers, Clients, OpsCenter Server, NetBackup Appliance and Access

VTS17-003: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Veritas NetBackup, NetBackup Appliances and Access - VTS17-003.

All NetBackup OpsCenter Servers

Impact of security vulnerability CVE-2017-5638 on OpsCenter Server - 000125967.

This section summarizes the results of all environmental checks. Icons indicates the check status:
indicates the system failed the check.
indicates the system passed the check.
indicates the system does not meet a recommended (but not required) threshold or setting. This is a warning.
indicates the check result includes information about the system without judgment or comparison to a threshold. An example of an information-only check result would be the system's physical memory size.
indicates the data could not be collected because the command failed.
indicates the check was not applicable to the system's environment.

This section lists the Veritas-related components installed on your system as well as links to relevant documentation.

This section displays the total memory, processors, disk space, and the results of any other system-related checks.

OpsCenter version

  •   No OpsCenter versions were detected as being installed. In order to install 8.0, follow the installation instructions found in the NetBackup OpsCenter 8.0 Administrator's Guide.
          To obtain the 8.0 release, refer to the 8.0 Download Information.
  • User privilege

  •   Data collection and analysis was performed with root privileges.
  • CPU speed

  •   1699 MHz
  • Number of CPU cores

  •   Physical CPU count = 2, Cores =2
  • Host name for connecting from NetBackup Web Management or Administration Consoles

  •   Your host name is acceptable for NetBackup Web Management or Administration Consoles.
  • Initial install disk space for OpsCenter Server

  •   There is enough free space for an initial install of this product.
  • Partitions Required disk space Actual disk space
    /usr 760 MB 48312 MB

    Operating system version and CPU type for OpsCenter Server

  •   The operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 x86-64 is supported as an OpsCenter Server.
  • Operating system version and CPU type for OpsCenter Agent

  •   The operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 x86-64 isn't supported as an OpsCenter Agent.
  • Operating system version and CPU type for OpsCenter ViewBuilder

  •   The operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 x86-64 isn't supported as an OpsCenter View Builder.
  • OpsCenter available hot fixes

  •   The following are available hot fixes for NetBackup and/or OpsCenter. Hot fixes will no longer be publicly available sometime after the fix is contained in a formal maintenance release. When this occurs, the TECH note will provide the maintenance release version containing the fix.
  • Name Description Host role
    000125967 Impact of CVE-2017-5638 on OpsCenter Server NetBackup OpsCenter Server

    Total system memory for OpsCenter Server

  •   The total system memory for this computer is 7823 MB. The system memory does not meet the minimum memory requirement of 8192 MB for an OpsCenter Server.
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