Target VMware vCenter:

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About The Environment

In Numbers
Number of vSphere HA Clusters: 1 Total available storage: 3.138 TB
Number of ESXi Hosts: 3 Total allocated storage: 2.982 TB
Number of Virtual Machines (protected): 14 (2) Total used storage: 2.957 TB
Number of Datastores (protected): 12 (7) Total replicated storage: 1.723 TB
Number of LUNs (replicated) 24 (16) Number of external storage systems: 9
Technologies and Features Used
Server models:PowerEdge 2950 (4)
Storage Types:HostBlockAdapterTargetTransport (45.454545454545 %), HostFibreChannelTargetTransport (54.545454545455 %)
Features:Linked Mode, Workflow Orchestrati, vCenter Multi-Hyperv, Unlimited virtual SM, vCenter agent for VM, Reliable Memory, vShield Endpoint, vSphere Replication, SR-IOV, vSphere API, Storage APIs, VMsafe, vSphere HA, Hot-Pluggable virtua, vSphere vMotion, vSphere FT, vSphere Data Protect, vShield Zones, vSphere DRS, vSphere Storage vMot, MPIO / Third-Party M, vSphere Distributed , vSphere Host Profile, Remote virtual Seria, vSphere Storage I/O , Direct Path vMotion, vSphere Storage APIs, Shared Smart Card Re, vSphere Storage DRS, vSphere Profile-Driv, vSphere vMotion Metr, vSphere Auto Deploy, vSphere View Acceler, vSphere App HA, vSphere Flash Read C
VM Operating Systems:Debian GNU (2), Microsoft (5), Red Hat En (2), SUSE Linux (2)

Top 7 Data Points - In a Nutshell

1 Use of Replication Yes, Zerto and vSphere Replication were identified.
2 Use of vApps Yes, 2 vApps identified.
3 Use of In-Server SSD Yes, 85.9GB (3% of total available storage)
4 Discovered Application services on VMs Yes, 14 Application services identified.
5 Consolidation Ratio Average number of VMs per host: 6

Average number of VMs per CPU: 3
6 Use of I/O Multipathing Yes, Native 79%, PowerPath 21%
7 Use of VMware Operations Manager Yes, V6.0.0

Top 7 Data Points - Detailed Summary

Data Point 1: Replication

Replication solutions are configured in the scanned environment. The following table identifies disaster recovery and replication solutions in use:

TechnologyUsed?Additional InfoDiscovery Source
VMware SRM No
VMware SRM
Zerto Yes VMware vCenter
Storage Replication No
VMware SRM
vSphere Replication Yes - VMware vCenter

Data Point 2: Virtual Applications

A total of 2 virtual applications (vApps) were identified. The following table identifies the vApps:

Group TypeGroup NameNumber of VMsDiscovery Source
vAppglFreightPayment2VMware vCenter: vApp
vAppBlackberry2VMware vCenter: vApp

INTERNAL NOTE: This section of the report can also be modified to include SRM protection groups with more than one VM, VM pairs separated by Anti-Affinity rules, VM groups defined by VM to Host rules and more.

Data Point 3: In-Server Solid State Drives (SSD)

14 SSD disks detected in 4 ESXi hosts.
Total SSD size: Yes, 85.9GB (3% of total available storage)

The following table identifies the vendor and includes quantitative information:

VendorNumber of hostsAdditional info
  • 14 disks
  • Total size is 85.9GB

Data Point 4: Application Services

A total of 14 application services were found on virtual machines. The following table identifies the application services.

Application serviceNumber of VMs
ESXi Shell3
CIM Server3
Local Security Authentication Server (Active Directory Service)3
Network Login Server (Active Directory Service)3
vSphere High Availability Agent2
NTP Daemon3
I/O Redirector (Active Directory Service)3
Direct Console UI3

Data Point 5: Consolidation Ratios

Average number of VMs per ESXi Host: 6
Average number of VMs per CPU: 3

The following table identifies the cluster resources and number of hosted virtual machines.

ClusterTotal Memory (GB)Total Number of CPUNumber of hosted VMs (Running)
VMotion42614 (4)

Data Point 6: I/O Multipath

A total of 58 I/O paths are configured. The following table identifies MPIO solutions in use.

MPIO SoftwareNumber of hostsStorage systems

Data Point 7: vCenter Operations Manager and Similar Solutions

The following table identifies management solutions found in the environment:

Management SolutionVersionDiscovery Source
vCenter Hardware Status5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
vSphere ESX Agent Manager5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
vCenter Inventory Service5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
License Services5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
VMware vCenter Storage Monitoring Service5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
VMware vSphere Profile-driven Storage Service5.0VMware vCenter: Extension
Performance charts built-in extension1.0.0VMware vCenter: Extension
vService Manager5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
vCenter Service Status5.5VMware vCenter: Extension
VirtualCenter dynamic events and tasks1.0VMware vCenter: Extension
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Extension5.5.1VMware vCenter: Extension
VR Management5.5.1.5VMware vCenter: Extension
Zerto Replication Plugin3.0VMware vCenter: Extension
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