Veritas™ Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT)

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Search tips and tricks

SORT search allows you to search for content using a combination of words, phrases and advanced search operators ("+", "-", "or"). A set of examples on how to use search features follows.

Search terms and phrases

When you enter one or more terms or phrases, Search treats those as "Should Have" portions of your query, meaning that content that contains more of your search terms ranks higher in the results than content that contains fewer of your terms. You can enclose phrases in quotes to have Search treat the words in that phrase as a single unit.


  • patch
    Search for content containing the word "patch".
  • "error code"
    Search for content containing the phrase "error code".
  • "error code" lookup
    Search for content containing the phrase "error code" and the word "lookup".

Advanced operators

You can prefix a term or phrase with the "Must Have" (+), "Must Not Have" (-) operators and "OR" (OR/or) operator.


  • patch +hotfix
    Results must contain the word "hotfix". Documents that also contain the word patch will rank higher in the search results.
  • patch -mp
    Results should contain the word "patch" but must not contain the word "mp".
  • "V-16-2-13067" OR "V-1-1-1"
    Results should contain the word "V-16-2-13067" or "V-1-1-1".
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