Veritas Admin Utility
The Simple Admin Utility simplifies storage management by providing a single interface to the administrator and by abstracting the administrator from many of the commands needed to create and manage volumes, disks groups, and file systems.


The Simple Admin Utility for Storage Foundation allows an administrator to use a single command, sfop, to manage storage pools and file systems. Using the sfop utility, the administrator creates a pool of storage on which a single file system is created and mounted. This file system is referred to as the pooled file system in this document to distinguish the pooled file system from file systems that do not use storage pools.

Before you use the Simple Admin Utility, make sure you understand the following sfop utility concepts:

  • Storage pool commands
  • File system commands
  • File system storage pools

For more information, see the Simple Admin User's Guide.

Supported platforms

  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 & above) - VRTSsfop-1.0-linux.tar.gz
  • Solaris SPARC - VRTSsfop-1.0-sol-sparc.tar.gz
  • Solaris x64 - VRTSsfop-1.0-sol-x86.tar.gz

The Simple Admin User's Guide applies to all three platforms.

Support products

  • Storage Foundation version 4.0 or later.

Download software

  Simple Admin Utility software for Storage Foundation

Platforms: Linux, Solaris SPARC and Solaris x64
Supported products: Storage Foundation version 4.0 or later.

  Simple Admin Utility User's Guide for Storage Foundation

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