Ansible for InfoScale

What is Ansible?

Ansible is a popular configuration management tool that automates various configuration and deployment-related operations in your environment.

Supported OS:
      Linux and Windows

Supported Products:

  • Veritas InfoScale Foundation
  • Veritas InfoScale Storage
  • Veritas InfoScale Availability
  • Veritas InfoScale Enterprise
  • Note: Beginning November 2023, Veritas InfoScale deployment and feature support using Ansible will be available using Ansible Collections only. Veritas InfoScale will no longer support the module and playbooks after October 2023.

  • Changing logs: Last updated on 2023/09/06
  • Ansible modules - Linux

    Veritas provides an Ansible module that can be used to run playbooks to install or upgrade Veritas InfoScale products, deploy clusters, and configure features such as File System (FS), Cluster File System (CFS), Disk Group Volume (DGV) and so on.

    The Ansible module for Linux is SonarQube compliant.

    InfoScale Ansible Collection:

    Ansible modules - Windows

    Veritas provides an Ansible module that can be used to run playbooks to install Veritas InfoScale products, configure clusters, and set up the Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) feature.


    Playbook templates - Windows

    Ansible playbooks are files written in the YAML format, which are used to define various configuration and deployment related operations. Use the following templates to create playbooks for the InfoScale environment.


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