NetBackup UTF-8 Checker Tool
Identify if there are any invalid UTF-8 characters in the NetBackup database before migration to the new database.

This tool is used to identify if there are any invalid UTF-8 characters in the NetBackup database before migration to the new database in NetBackup 10.2. It does not change any files or settings on your system.

The following steps are performed by this tool:

  • Runs the NetBackup nbdb_unload command to unload the database to the specified directory.
  • Performs the validation on the downloaded database files.
  • Generates a report of all records where it found any invalid UTF-8 characters. The following file is created:
    Linux: <install path>/tmp/db_invalid_utf8_report.txt
    Windows: <install path>\Temp\db_invalid_utf8_report.txt

The validation may complete in a short amount of time for smaller databases; however, it may require significant amount of time to complete for larger NetBackup databases.

System Requirements

  • Windows or Linux
    If you have installed the NetBackup primary server on UNIX, to run the tool you must first migrate the server to Windows or Linux.
  • NetBackup primary server version 10.1.1 or earlier.


Running the tool


  1. For a primary clustered server, run the tool from the active node.
  2. For the best performance of the database precheck tool, install the EEB Hotfix for the nbdb_unload utility. See the following article:


nbdb-utf8-check --help

nbdb-utf8-check --max-threads=<int>

nbdb-utf8-check --unload-dir=<path for nbdb_unload>

nbdb-utf8-check --version


--help                    print this usage

--max-threads=<int>  set number of threads to use for processing

valid values: 1 to 100 (defaults to 100) processing

of database information will be performed in multiple

threads. This value can be specified to adjust the

number of threads used (especially if thread issues

are encountered).

--unload-dir=<path>  provide an alternate path for nbdb_unload to use,

the default is the staging dir.

--version               print version information

Review the following article for more information:

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