NetBackup 2038 Conversion Time Checker
Veritas has extended expiration date from the year 2038 to beyond the year 3000 from NetBackup 9.0.

NetBackup 9.0 and later versions support the expiration dates that extend beyond the year 2038.

To ensure compatibility with previous NetBackup versions, all items with an infinite expiration date are updated to reflect the new infinite expiration date value. This conversion may extend the time that is required to complete the upgrade.

Review the following article for more information:

This tool only checks the images and estimates conversion time. It won't change any files/settings of your system.

** Please note that it may cost seconds to minutes even hours depending on your images count.

Supported products

  • NetBackup is installed as Primary(Master) Server
  • Installed version < 9.0
  • Upgrade version >= 9.0
  • If your server is cluster, it must be of active node

Supported platforms

  • Linux, Solaris x86 and SPARC, Windows
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