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 Operations Manager add-on details
VCS Password Management Add-On [ Download ] Sign in if you want to rate or comment this add-on

Name: VCS Password Management Add-On
Version: 4.0.523.0
The VCS Password Management add-on allows administrators to modify non-secure VCS clusters user's authentication password. This allows for an easy and centrally accessible approach to change password across multiple clusters without the need to manually log into each cluster.
Before using this add-on, ensure that:
1. You are logged on as the domain administrator.
2. You have installed Veritas Cluster Server version 4.0 or later.
Supported Operations Manager version(s): Operations Manager 4.0
Deployment scope: Management Server
OS: Cross platform (UNIX, Linux and Windows)
Require Operations Manager downtime: Yes
Licensing type: Freeware
Popularity: 638 viewed
13 downloaded
Download size: 124 KB
Checksum: e295bed13efc82cee14efa871ef2b64b
Release date: 2011-05-09

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