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Name: Package Anomaly Add-On
Description: The Package Anomaly add-on compares a set of servers against a set of packages in an attempt to find systems that are non-standard or have installations different than other similar or related systems in the datacenter. The results are displayed on a graphical report that facilitates spotting anomalies.
Supported Operations Manager version(s): Operations Manager 4.1
Operations Manager 4.0RU1
Operations Manager 4.0
Operations Manager 3.1RP1
Operations Manager 3.1
Deployment scope: Management Server
OS: Cross platform (UNIX, Linux and Windows)
Require Operations Manager downtime: Yes
Licensing type: Freeware
Popularity: 2179 viewed
142 downloaded
Download size: 213 KB
Checksum: 6cda957347ee1eb2837a734fae1098a3
Release date: 2011-12-05