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Name: Storage Insight
Description: Use Storage Insight to get deep array information and ensure that your volumes are properly provisioned using the right LUNs. Get visibility from physical devices to logical devices along with RAID levels, array replication, array clones and physical disk specs. Adopt thin provisioning confidently with thin pool reports showing consumption and subscription rates. Supported arrays: Hitachi via HiCommand server, EMC Symmetrix via symcli, IBM XIV via xcli, EMC CLARiiON via NavisecCLI and NetApp via Data ONTAP SDK interfaces. Please install Hotfix HF050001960-35 before installing this add-on.
Supported Operations Manager version(s): Operations Manager 5.0
Deployment scope: Management Server
OS: Cross platform (UNIX, Linux and Windows)
Require Operations Manager downtime: No
Licensing type: Freeware
Popularity: 1780 viewed
131 downloaded
Download size: 17.55 MB
Checksum: 73a4b01b252fac64455f411f7483ac8a
Release date: 2013-10-30