Get real time updates about your data center environment
are automatic emails that can alert you about new:
  • Array Support Libraries (ASLs)/Array Policy Modules (APMs)
  • Hardware compatibility lists (HCLs)
  • High availability agents (InfoScale, VCS, VCSOne, and ApplicationHA)
  • NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans
  • NetBackup Hot Fix/EEB release
  • Patches
  • Product documents
  • SFHA Future Platform and Feature Plans
  • SORT releases
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Notifications features

Manage Notifications
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  • General notifications - Recommendations for your entire data center
  • System-specific notifications - Recommendations for individual servers
Tip: You can also create or view notifications using the Notifications widget on the Dashboard page.

Use this page to view all your notifications for the last six months. To see the history of individual notifications, go to the Edit page.


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  • Get email notifications for every new patch, ASL, agent, HCL release, NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans and NetBackup hot fix/EEB releases.
  • Create, view, edit, and track notifications.

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