A Glance at SORT Features

This page shows the features and capabilities of SORT. You can find the details as below.You can also view SORT Feature Table to see the major features for different products.

To know our SORT features for a specific product, go to access the specific product under PRODUCTS in the navigation.

Appliance Compatibility List (ACL)

Compatibility list for NetBackup Appliances, Flex Appliance etc.

Array-specific modules - ASLs/APMs/DDIs/DDLs

Filter and view modules by array vendor, platform, and the InfoScale or SFHA product version. List and download the most downloaded or the latest packages for your array, including:

  • Array Support Libraries (ASLs) and Array Policy Modules (APMs) for UNIX servers
  • Device Driver Interfaces (DDIs) and Device Discovery Layers (DDLs) for Windows servers

Supported products:

  • InfoScale family
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

Disk Group / Disk Layout Versions

Find out the disk groups versions and disk layout version for VxVM and VxFS.


Get Veritas documentation for your product, platform, and language. Filter documents by products, product versions, platforms, platform versions, and languages. It includes the product documentation for all products.

Error Codes

Search for descriptions and solutions of error codes by message numbers or text. Veritas products display a variety of messages including errors, warnings, and informational messages. Error codes are listed by:

  • UMI (e.g., V-2-1)
  • Message (e.g., vx_nospace - {0} file system full)
  • Severity (e.g., Error, Warning)
  • Component (e.g., File System)

Supported products:

  • InfoScale family
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

View support information for Veritas products by vendor, device family, device, mode, interface, product release, platform, and advanced features. HCL Central displays a wide array of components, including: Disk Arrays and Storage Devicesi, Generic non-RAID SSD/Flash storage (PCI-E cards), Generic RAID SCSI/SAS/e-SATA controller, Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), Servers, Switches, Unified computing and blade platforms.

Supported products:

  • InfoScale family
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

High Availability Agents

Filter and download InfoScale, Cluster Server (VCS) and ApplicationHA agents and documentation, including:

  • Application, database, partner, and replication agent software
  • Release notes and getting started guides

Installation and Upgrade Checklists

Get recommendations about installing or upgrading the Veritas product you specify. The Installation and Upgrade general checklists list memory, disk space, and architecture requirements for product installation and upgrade. It also provides documents, patches, product features, and HA agents that applicable to the installation or upgrade. The Installation and Upgrade general checklists are useful when you want to install Veritas products on the systems in your data center.

Supported products

  • InfoScale family
  • NetBackup family
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

Intelligent Detection and Assessment Tool

The Veritas Intelligent Detection and Assessment Tool scans identified servers and reports their configurations and system performance. It provides details on the servers and records them in a report for review.

License Calculators

The calculators include the following:

  • Veritas InfoScale Entitlement Calculator: Calculate the cores you need to convert your existing Storage Foundation SPVU or OS Edition tier license entitlement to InfoScale Per Core entitlement. The calculation helps enable compliance analysis for the Per-Core pricing meter of the Veritas InfoScale product family. The tool also helps you determine the InfoScale product entitlement after the transition to the InfoScale product family.
  • System Performance Value Unit (SPVU) Calculator: The SPVU calculator is a web-based tool to assist you with the pricing meter transition. The total number of SPVU required for a specific product is calculated by multiplying the number of cores the product uses with the SPVU value per core.
  • Server Tier Lookup: InfoScale products for UNIX may also be licensed by Server Tier. Storage Foundation Server Tiers directly map to the same Server Tier for InfoScale. The Server Tier Lookup page helps you in discovering the Server Tier for a specific server model configuration and assist you in the pricing process.

NetBackup 2038 Conversion Time Check Tool

NetBackup 9.0 and later versions support the expiration dates that extend beyond the year 2038.

To ensure compatibility with previous NetBackup versions, all items with an infinite expiration date are updated to reflect the new infinite expiration date value. This conversion may extend the time that is required to complete the upgrade.

Review the following article for more information: Technote 100048600

NetBackup Deployment Templates

Veritas has developed client deployment templates for Chef & SCCM, so that customers can expedite their deployment process.

NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans

View the future plan of the NetBackup product family. The product families keep adding supports for new features, platforms, operating systems, databases, and applications. To better serve customers, the product families also stop supporting the obsolete features, operating systems, databases, applications, integration between products, and the hardware declared as EOSL (End of Support Life). By subscription, you can receive notification when the future support plan is updated.

NetBackup Hotfix and EEB Release Auditor

Determine if a hot fix or EEB has been fixed in a release.

NetBackup Status Code

Use this tab to search the Veritas support website for documentation and technical solutions for NetBackup status codes.

NetBackup UTF-8 Checker tool

This tool is used to identify if there are any invalid UTF-8 characters in the NetBackup database before migration to the new database in NetBackup 10.2. It does not change any files or settings on your system.


SORT notifications are the automatic emails that can alert you about news about:

  • Array Support Libraries (ASLs)/Array Policy Modules (APMs)
  • Hardware compatibility lists (HCLs)
  • High availability agents (InfoScale, VCS, VCSOne, and ApplicationHA)
  • Patches
  • Product documents
  • InfoScale & SFHA Future Platform and Feature Plans
  • SORT releases

Operations Manager

Filter, view, and download Operations Manager add-ons, patches, and documentation.Operations Manager provides visibility across your InfoScale deployment. Alerting and role-based access mean users can learn about and react to events to minimize operational risk.


Filter and download patches for your product, version, and platform.

Go to Patches for the following products

  • Access
  • CloudMobility
  • Data Insight
  • InfoScale family
  • Resiliency Platform
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

For Appliance or Information Studio patches, go to Appliance / Information Studio Patches.

Product EOSL

Search for product lifecycle information. Filter EOSL information by product and product version, and display. You can find Release Date, End of Standard Support Date (EOSS),End of Support Life Date (EOSL) or End of Hardware Support Date for all products.

Product Features

Get the product features for the InfoScale product family and the Storage Foundation and High Availability product family. Filter the product features by product, product version, platform, platform version, and product edition.

Supported products:

  • Access
  • CloudMobility
  • CloudPoint
  • InfoScale family
  • Managed Continuity Service
  • Resiliency Platform
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

Product Utilities

View and download utilities supporting Veritas products.

Products and Platforms Lookups

View available products and versions by the selected platform, or view the supported platforms by the selected products and versions.

Below you can also find the matrix of the following products.

Risk Assessment Checklists

Identify risks during operations, and get configuration recommendations based on the Veritas product and platform you specify. It provides recommendations about availability, configuration, utilization, performance, and best practices.

Supported products:

  • InfoScale family
  • NetBackup family
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family

SCOM Packs

View and download Veritas Management Packs (MP) for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

Software Compatibility Lists/Checkers

View database support information for the InfoScale and SFHA product family by database, database version, patchset level, platform, platform version, product, and product release, you can go to Software Compatibility Lists (SCL).

View database or operating system support information for NetBackup, you can go to NetBackup Compatibility Lists and Checkers

SORT Data Collectors

Data collector is a software application that gathers the information about systems in your network, and then generates a customer report accordingly. A custom report contains a list of passed and failed checks and their corresponding details. You can upload your reports to the SORT website, where you can view, analyze, or share them with others.

Custom reports are divided into three categories:

  • Installation and Upgrade custom reports: This custom report determines if you are ready to install or upgrade a Veritas enterprise product.
  • Risk Assessment custom reports: This custom report analyzes your system and gives you recommendations about system availability, storage use, performance, and best practices.
  • License/Deployment custom reports: This custom report lists your installed Veritas products and license keys. It displays licenses by product, platform, server tier, and system.

Use the License and Deployment Report Operations tool SORT_License_Deployment_Report_Operations.xlsm to combine multiple UNIX Licenses and Deployment reports generated by the UNIX Data Collector.

Veritas InfoScale Docker Volume Plugins

The Veritas InfoScale volume driver plugin for Docker extends the capability of Docker daemon to handle storage-related operations such as creating volumes or file systems, mounting or unmounting file systems, removing volumes and so on. With this plugin, docker containers can be started with storage attached to them automatically, which helps in ease of deployment of Docker containers.

Virtual Environment Assessment Tool

The Veritas Virtual Environment Assessment Tool collecting information and generating report to assess one target VMware vCenter environment, and obtain insights regarding the infrastructure managed by the vCenter.


Run the VxExplorer utility to gather debugging information about systems in your network. You can create new support cases or associate existing support cases to the VxExplorer data, and upload the VxExplorer data to the support servers for more analysis. You can also run Risk Assessment reports against the VxExplorer data you get.

Supported products:

  • InfoScale family
  • NetBackup family
  • Storage Foundation and High Availability family