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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Volume Manager 5.0.1 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)

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This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date
vm-hpux1131-5.0.1RP3P1 (obsolete) 2011-05-24
vm-hpux1131-5.0.1RP1P1 (obsolete) 2010-05-06

This patch requires: Release date
sfha-hpux1131-5.0.1RP3 2011-04-04

 Fixes the following incidents:

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Readme file
Date: 2011-11-18
OS Version: 11.31
Etrack Incidents:2344566

Errors/Problems Fixed:
Incidents fixed in RP3 P2:
2273214 (2233889) Parallel recovery of volumes is not happening if dcl is present.
2274277 (1715204) vxsnap operations leads to orphan snap obj in case of any failure occurs during operation, orphan snap object can't be removed.
2324001 (2323925) If rootdisk is encapsulated and if install-db is present, clear warning should be displayed on system boot.
2325119 (1545835) vxconfigd core dump during system boot after VxVM4.1RP4 applied.
2337436 (2339210) [HxRT][5.0.1][SF-RAC]Huasy S5600 failover slowly when there is no PGR keys on the secondary paths
2353417 (2349352) During LUN provisioning in single path IO mode environment a data corruption is observed
2383822 (2384850) 5.0.1 smapi_listener changes for new what string model.
2383936 (2312972) QXCR1000974131 on VxVM 11.23/4.1 : save_config cannot handle one side of VxVM mirror failing
2402531 (1083297) Pinnacle: Install_Upgrade: I/O policies not persistent after an upgrade from 5.0v2mp2rp3 - 6.0.
2414161 (2067182) vxesd core dumped with SIGILL
2424221 (2423608) panic in vol_dev_strategy()following FC problems
2521084 (2521083) Panic 'Fault when executing in kernel mode' on c8+mpath
2528119 (2054454) Nightly:vmcert:Hp-UX Tc /vmtest/tc/scripts/admin/cbr/backup.tc#2 is failing.
2528142 (2528133) vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-0 - Record in multiple disk groups
2535859 (2522006) ASL Request for HxRT SF-RAC 5.0.1 HP-UX 11.31 HP P6300/P6500
2578576 (2052659) MaxFlii:DMP:HP : machine with A/A array connected panicked after vm installation
2578829 (2557156) New command for vxdmpadm to exclude foreign devices from being discovered redundantly.
2578834 (2566315) VxVM 11.31/5.0.1 : vPar6.0 VxVM guest installation deadlock panic
2578837 (530741) CVM: vxconfigd assert in commit()
2578845 (2233611) HDS wants the ASL for the USP-V & VSP (R700) to check page 00 to see if E3 is supported and then if E3 is supported then issue inquiry on E3 and wants the R700 array name set as Hitachi VSP
2578858 (2215104) Customer requires hf to support thin Provision/reclamation on HP P9500 on 5.0.1RP3 on HP 11.31
2578863 (2067319) MaxFli:vxconfgid hung on master when join two slaves are trying to join the cluster
2578872 (2147922) Thin Reclaim not detected directly for VMAX Microcode Version 5875
2581508 (1097258) vxconfigd hung when an array is disconnected
2585238 (2585239) QXCR1001170643/600-725-172 VxVM 5.0.1/11.31: VxVM 5.0.1: vxdisk-alldgs-list running very slow with many lunpaths

Incidents fixed in RP3 P1:
2344566 (2344551) When upgrading VxVM on DRD clone, install-db is created even for encapsulated rootdisk.

Incidents fixed in RP3: 
2201136 (2197254) While creating volumes on thinrclm disks, the option "logtype=none" does not work with vxassist command.
2266818 (2088426) On shared DG destroy, restrict re-online of disks to only those belonging to the DG.
2230668 (2160959) static vold build script not workign for TP ASLs
2169195 (2144891) HxRT 5.0.1RP2 CX380 POWERPATH: VX command return very slow when disabling the "active" path.
2204148 (2200670) vxattachd does not recover disks if disk group not imported
2209175 (2183984) System panic in dmp_update_stats() routine
2230669 (2001827) /vmtest/tc/scripts/kernel/vxdmp/recovery_policy/drecopt_disable_disk_dbg.tc#1 hangs in nightly dbg tcrun on HP.
2230672 (2165141) vxvm resets b_clock_ticks to zero if I/O hints are passed by vxfs
2230673 (1594843) CampusCluster: vxdg reattachsite leaves disk group in an unrecoverable state due to inaccessible disks
2230675 (1734864) vxdg reattachsite fails to clear a detach flag (DM_PFLAG_DETACHED) as part of reattaching the disks back.
2230852 (2204434) SAS disk rootability failing with 5.0RP8 patches.
2231009 (1528932) vxconfigd asserts in config_db_disable()
2231013 (1969526) panic in voldiodone when a hung priv region I/O comes back
2231022 (2029324) /etc/vx/diag.d/vxcvmdiag cvminfo core dumps on HPUX 5.0MP1:UNOF_MP1RP6HF2 (Samsung Cards current VM patch level)
2247712 (2136046) Needs to log additional information and handle hang case in cvm scripts.
2059161 (2027831) vxdg free not reporting free space correctly on CVM master. vxprint not printing DEVICE column for SDs 2111250 (2078209) resize of vxvm volume resulting in vxconfigd hang -- Need to increase the default value for volpagemod_max_memsz to 64MB
2198181 (1972755) TP/ETERNUS:No reclaim seen with Stripe-Mirror volume.
2222105 (839077) Customer unable to grow 2.6Tb volume/file system with vxresize due to statvfs() returning EOVERFLOW
2230656 (2077688) HPUX 11.31 hangs with VxVM 5.0.1 for NetApp array
2230671 (2026773) DMP: vxconfigd hang after array side port disable followed by vxdisk scandisks
2230674 (1946460) vxdg reattchsite is not doing da-dm assosiation on slave after dg deport-import, when disks are in detached state.
2230676 (1263410) vxdg reattachsite leaves disk group in an unrecoverable state due to inaccessible disks
2235588 (2081662) HxRT CX380: ASL could not discover RAID LEVELS with Extended Attributes.

Incidents fixed in RP2:
VRAS 2059169 (2013483) vradmind core dumps during VVR setup in FileStore environment

VxVM 2059300 (1534379) vxdg split failed with Internal config daemon error - VxVM 5.0 MP1_rp5_hf13
VxVM 2060312 (1923906) CVM: Master should not initiate detaches while leaving due to complete storage failure.
VxVM 2060303 (1880279) Evaluate the need for intelligence in vxattachd to clear stale keys on failover/shared dg's in CVM and non CVM environment.^M
VxVM 2092315 (2094627) Campus Cluster : reattachsite on a particular dg enables a disabled volumes and plexes of another dg
VxVM 2075323 (2012344) [vmcert-5.0.1GARP2]: system crashed during TC-/vmtest/tc/scripts/ddl/dmp_partial_discovery.tc.
VxVM 1937726 (1933970) Restrict the max_specialio tunable value to the permissible limit.
VxVM 2052521 (1089875) Increasing vol_maxio, vol_maxspecialio, and MAXIOSIZE to 1 MB on HP-UX
VxVM 1670281 (1470548) SxRT_CampusCluster:detached site can not be reattached "VxVM vxdg WARNING V-5-1-13835 Disk List is empty for site siteB"^M
VxVM 1670283 (1471003) SxRT_CampusCluster:"vxdg -s import oradg" failed with "requried lock not held in transaction"
VxVM 2020060 (2068127) 5.0.1RP1/TP:HP-UX: 'vxdisk -o thin list' cannot recognize the size of LUNs greater than 2TB
VxVM 2059119 (1513385) VVR:Primary panic during autosync or dcm replay.
VxVM 2071515 (1673937) Campus cluster: When a slave node loses complete storage, all sites can get detached on master.
VxVM 2071517 (1741182) Campus Cluster: Detach of DCO in plex detach context exposes serialization hang.
VxVM 2071582 (1982715) vxclustadm dumping core in realloc
VxVM 2071587 (1933528) DR:Disk going to error state after replacing lun.
VxVM 2071596 (1762561) DMP: System panic when perform excludearray operation with powerpath
VxVM 1670279 (1461717) 'vxsnap make' command result in vxconfigd and IO sleep too long time
VxVM 1670291 (1532363) vxdisk 'updateudid' is corrupting diskid. Import of diskgroup fails.
VxVM 1913450 (1840673) After adding new luns one of the nodes in 3 node CFS cluster hangs
VxVM 1925842 (1819777) Panic in voldiosio_start() as race window exists while handling duplicate DA records
VxVM 1956960 (2017120) 5.0.1/TP:HP-UX: no reclamation for after executed fsadm -R
VxVM 2013736 (1950480) DMP: Support of Powerpath 5.1.2 on HP 11.31
VxVM 2039118 (1899688) [VVR]Every I/O on smartsync enabled volume under VVR leaks memory
VxVM 2046497 (1665400) vxconfigd sleeps for 1 second between retries which can contribute to the timeout
VxVM 2049163 (339187) CVM activation tag in vxprint -m output breaks vxprint
VxVM 2052524 (1755735) recovery I/Os get broken down to voliomem_chunk_size
VxVM 2052527 (1957427) SSST: system panic with string 'Can't sleep in interrupt context'
VxVM 2056317 (1594325) need to backout *unit_io and *pref_io changes after 5.0GA
VxVM 2059125 (2029480) DG join failure with error "Configuration too large for configuration copies" renders source DG into inconsistent state (canbt re-imported).
VxVM 2059155 (1468885) The vxbrk_rootmir script does not complete and is hanging after invoking vxprivutil
VxVM 2059166 (1745992) CVR:I/O hang in 4 node CVR cluster
VxVM 2059167 (1860892) Cache Object corruption when replaying the CRECs during recovery
VxVM 2059168 (1915356) I/O stuck in vxvm caused cluster node panic
VxVM 2059170 (2029735) System panic in volobject_iogen due to null gio_object
VxVM 2059239 (1954062) vxrecover results in os crash
VxVM 2059303 (2040150) Loss of SCSI-3 PGR Keys during cluster reconfiguration if there are 32 or more keys per LUN.
VxVM 2060306 (1650663) Segmentation fault (core dumped) by vxsnap addmir

Incidents fixed in RP1 P1:
2006417	vxdisk init fails on SAS with Kauai. Geometry calculation needs to be changed

Incidents fixed in RP1:
1837894 (1834168) vxdisksetup does not set a non-zero return status in case device is in use by LVM.^M
1944594 (1879520) Issues with changing namingscheme from osn with mode=new to ebn^M
1949219 (1949220) Add Thin Provisioning (ThP) support to Array Support Libraries (ASLs).
1925843 (1715889) Unable to encapsulate an unmanaged EMC DMX PP LUN
1702468 (1677416) CVM join & takeover issues in shared A/P storage config due to not breaking more than 64K size kmsgs
1831743 (1804262) VVR:File system I/O of size bigger than 256k fails with error ENXIO after 2TB(>2G blocks)offset.
1845132 (1845133) Enable dmp_cache_open for 5.0 releases
1877451 (1913170) Need to include dmp alias names in JUMBO API output.
1907654 (1826088) After pulling out FC cables of local site array, plex became DETACHED/ACTIVE
1907668 (1742702) vxvmconvert fails, probably due to wrong disk capacity calculation^M
1907686 (1729558) multiple vxplex attach cmds running in parallel on a volume lead to clearing DCO map and subsequently lead to corruption in FMR2
1907688 (1885582) Installing VxVM on any blade h/w results in error: "Device path not valid"
1913442 (1531409) Need revisit of DDL reconfiguration code path as NODE_QUIESCE flag
1913447 (1726902) vxconfigd dumped core while trying to choose a path in dmp_dmpdevice_to_pathlist_ebn()
1913513 (1485075) vmtest/tc/scripts/admin/voldg/cds/set.tc hits DMP ted assert dmp_select_path:2a
1921472 (1869002) Introduction of Circular buffer at vold level for master-slave communication.
1921484 (1835569) Incorrect dropping of messages when the messages arrive out of order during kernel-level join leading to hang/system crash.
1921516 (1589018) num_retries field is getting re-initialized to initial value leading to looping and delay in error handling time.
1921532 (1060336) vxresize should not roll back if fsadm failed but disabled vxfs
1921537 (1744224) FMR3: multiple vxplex attach cmds running in parallel on a volume lead to clearing DCO map and subsequently lead to corruption
1921541 (1797540) VxVM: vxdisk resize intermittently causes vxconfigd to dump core.
1921545 (1822681) memory leak in vxio/voldrl_cleansio_start
1921549 (1676061) System panic'd after 2 out of 4 paths to disk were removed.
1921551 (1733811) System panic on voldco_isdirty code path while doing vxsnap make operation after upgrading from DCO version 10
1921584 (1907796) Corrupted Blocks in Oracle after Dynamic LUN expansion and vxconfigd core dump
1936567 (1488399) DMP: Detection of I/O being sent on SCTL device on HP


Fixes Applied for Products:
Volume Manager

Install And Uninstall Instructions:
1.  Installing VxVM 5.0.1 RP3 P2 patch:

a)VxVM 5.0.1 (GA)  must be installed before applying these

b) All prerequisite/corequisite patches have to be installed.The Kernel patch
  requires a system reboot for both installation and removal.

c) To install the patch, enter the following command:

        # swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch_directory> PHCO_42648 PHKL_42649

Incase the patch is not registered, the patch can be registered
using the following command:

        # swreg -l depot <patch_directory>,

where  <patch_directory> is the absolute path where the patch resides.

d) Please do swverify after installing the patches in order to make sure
      that the patches are installed correctly using:

        $ swverify PHCO_42648 PHKL_42649

2.  Removing VxVM 5.0.1 RP3 P2  patch:

a)To remove the patch, enter the following command:

        # swremove -x autoreboot=true PHCO_42648 PHKL_42649

Additional Notes:
1. This Patch can be installed only on a system with 5.0 11.31 or Base-VxVM installed.
2. PHCO_42677 and PHCO_42648 should be installed as a set to make the VM Provider work correctly.
3. The patch PHCO_42648 requires PHKL_42649 as COREQUISITE
4. The patch PHKL_42649 requires PHCO_42648 as COREQUISITE
5. The patch PHCO_42677 requires PHCO_42648 as COREQUISITE
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