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Pausing replication to a Secondary

Pausing replication to a Secondary prevents new and already-queued updates on the Primary from reaching the Secondary, and pauses communication between the Primary and Secondary.

Use the Pause Replication task to pause replication to a specific Secondary in an RDS. This operation can be performed on a bunker Secondary also. The Pause Replication task temporarily pauses replication between the Primary and Secondary. Pausing replication from the Primary enables you to perform administrative tasks, such as making changes to the network connecting the Primary and Secondary hosts. The Pause Replication task can be used when other applications on the host are required to use the entire network bandwidth.

 To pause replication to a Secondary

  1. Select the Secondary host name from the tree view, and then choose Replication > Pause Replication. To use the pop-up menu, right-click the name of the Secondary, and then select Pause Replication.
  2. In the Pause Replication box, click OK. A message indicates whether the pause replication task succeeded or failed.


    • When replication is paused, the RDS View displays the replication status for the Secondary RVG as paused by user (primary paused).