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How to use the data on the Secondary

Using snapshots

A snapshot is an image of the online data volumes at a specific point-in-time. Use snapshots of the Secondary data volumes to perform off-host processing operations, instead of directly using the Secondary data volumes. The data on the original volumes may change but the data on the snapshot can still be used as a stable and independent copy for various purposes.

VVR provides two methods of creating snapshots: instant snapshots and traditional snapshots. The instant snapshot feature is a separately licensed feature of VVR. For more information on instant snapshots, see Using the instant snapshot feature. VVR also provides sample IBC scripts that can be used for creating snapshots. For more information, see Sample scripts.

With the traditional snapshot feature, depending on the size of the volume, the time required for initial synchronization of the plexes can be very large. For more information on traditional snapshots, see Using the traditional snapshot feature.

Before you can use the snapshot, some application-dependent recovery procedure has to be performed. For example, if the volume contains a file system, run the fsck program before mounting the file system.