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Displaying disk information

Before you use a disk, you need to know if it has been initialized and placed under VxVM control. You also need to know if the disk is part of a disk group, because you cannot create volumes on a disk that is not part of a disk group. The vxdisk list command displays device names for all recognized disks, the disk names, the disk group names associated with each disk, and the status of each disk.

 To display information on all disks that are known to VxVM

VxVM returns a display similar to the following:


hdisk3 auto:aixdisk mydg04 mydg online

hdisk4 auto:aixdisk mydg03 mydg online

hdisk5 auto:aixdisk - - online invalid

The phrase online invalid in the STATUS line indicates that a disk has not yet been added to VxVM control. These disks may or may not have been initialized by VxVM previously. Disks that are listed as online are already under VxVM control.

 To display information about an individual disk