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Refreshing an instant snapshot

Refreshing an instant snapshot replaces it with another point-in-time copy of a parent volume. To refresh one or more snapshots and make them immediately available for use, use the following command:

# vxsnap [-g diskgroup] refresh snapvolume|snapvolume_set \

  source=volume|volume_set [[snapvol2 source=vol2]...] \


If the source volume is not specified, the immediate parent of the snapshot is used. For full-sized instant snapshots, resynchronization is started by default. To disable resynchronization, specify the syncing=no attribute. This attribute is not supported for space-optimized snapshots.

Warning: The snapshot that is being refreshed must not be open to any application. For example, any file system configured on the volume must first be unmounted.

It is possible to refresh a volume from an unrelated volume provided that their sizes are compatible.

You can use the vxsnap syncwait command to wait for the synchronization of the snapshot volume to be completed, as shown here:

# vxsnap [-g diskgroup] syncwait snapvol

See "Controlling instant snapshot synchronization" on page 325.