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vxconfigbackup - back up disk group configuration


/etc/vx/bin/vxconfigbackup [-l directory] [[dgname ...] | [dgid ...]]


The vxconfigbackup utility can be used to backup up the configuration information for one or more disk groups. The disk groups may be specified either by name or by ID. If no disk groups are specified, all disk group configurations are backed up.


-l directory

Specifies a directory other than the default where the backup configuration files are to be written.

  Note    The default backup directory is /etc/vx/cbr/bk.


Back up the configuration of the mydg disk group to the directory /dgbackup/mydg:

vxconfigbackup -l /dgbackup/mydg mydg



Default location of backup file for disk group information.


Default location of backup file for disk attributes.


Default location of backup file for binary configuration copy.


Default location of backup file for configuration records in vxprint -m format.


The vxconfigbackupd daemon automatically backs up a disk group's new configuration to the default backup directory whenever the configuration is changed. The vxconfigbackup command is provided to back up the configuration manually at any other desired time.

The disk group configuration backup and restore utilities do not save any data in the public region. This includes file system or other application data that is configured within VxVM objects.


vxconfigbackupd(1M), vxconfigrestore(1M)