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Shrinking a file system

You can decrease the size of the file system using fsadm, even while the file system is mounted.

  Note   In cases where data is allocated toward the end of the file system, shrinking may not be possible. If a file system is full, busy, or too fragmented,  the resize operation may fail.

 To decrease the size of a VxFS file system

fsadm [-F vxfs] [-b newsize] [-r rawdev] mount_point

Example of shrinking a file system

The following example shrinks a VxFS file system mounted at /ext to 20480 sectors.

 To shrink a VxFS file system

# fsadm -F vxfs -b 20480 /ext

Warning: After this operation, there is unused space at the end of the device. You can then resize the device, but be careful not to make the device smaller than the new size of the file system.