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VxFS Version 5 disk layout

VxFS disk layout Version 5 is similar to Version 4. Structural files in Version 5 are the same in Version 4. However, the Version 5 disk layout supports file systems up to 32 terabytes. For a file system to take advantage of VxFS 32-terabyte support, it must be created on a Veritas Volume Manager volume, and only on a 64-bit kernel operating system. The maximum file system size on a 32-bit kernel is still one terabyte. Files cannot exceed two terabytes in size. For 64-bit kernels, the maximum size of the file system you can create depends on the block size:


Block Size

Maximum File System Size

1024 bytes 

4,294,967,039 sectors      ( 4 TB) 

2048 bytes 

8,589,934,078 sectors      ( 8 TB) 

4096 bytes 

17,179,868,156 sectors    ( 16 TB) 

8192 bytes 

34,359,736,312 sectors    ( 32 TB) 

If you specify the file system size when creating a file system, the block size defaults to the appropriate value as shown above.

See the mkfs(1M) manual page.

The Version 5 disk layout also supports group quotas. Quota limits cannot exceed one terabyte.

See About quota files on Veritas File System.

The Version 5 disk layout also supports up to 1024 access control list entries.