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Inconsistent RLINKs

When an RLINK is inconsistent, the Secondary cannot be used for a failover because the data volumes do not reflect the data on the Primary node.

Note that inconsistent is not a state. Whether an RLINK is consistent, or not, is shown in the flags field of the RLINK.

To see whether the consistent or inconsistent flag is set, use the following command:

# vxprint -g diskgroup -l rlink_name

An RLINK that is inconsistent and in the fail state must be restored before it can be used again. It can be restored using a Primary or a Secondary checkpoint. An RLINK becomes inconsistent and gets in the fail state in situations such as:

If an RLINK is inconsistent, but not in the fail state, it could be a temporary situation and the inconsistent flag will clear when the operation completes. This happens in situations, such as:

When the inconsistent flag is set, a flag is displayed indicating whether the RLINK can be resynchronized. If the RLINK has the cant_sync flag set, it is inconsistent, and this Secondary needs to be resynchronized before it can take part in replication again. If the inconsistent and can_sync flags are set, there is enough information to make it consistent again. This will occur automatically.