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Failing back to the original Primary

After an unexpected failure, the original Primary host might become available and find that one of its Secondary hosts has been promoted to a Primary as a result of a takeover. A takeover happens when a Secondary of the original Primary takes over the Primary role because of an unexpected outage of the original Primary. The process of transferring the Primary role back to the original Primary is called failback.

VVR VEA provides the following methods to fail back to the original Primary:

The fast-failback synchronization method can be used when the Fast failback option is selected during Takeover.

If you are sure that the original Primary will not recover or if most of the data on the new Primary is going to change while the original Primary is unavailable, you must synchronize the Secondary completely. In this case, you must failback using automatic synchronization. For details about failing back to the original Primary, refer to Failing back to the original Primary.