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Starting replication to the bunker

During normal operation, writes to the Primary SRL are replicated to the SRL on the bunker. If the Primary fails, you can use the bunker SRL to update the Secondary.

 To start replication from the Primary to the bunker

You must use the -a option with the startrep command to start replication to a bunker. The -a option automatically synchronizes the bunker SRL with the Primary SRL. The synchronization starts with the first write still outstanding for any Secondary. Any writes in the Primary SRL that have been updated on all of the Secondaries are not transferred to the bunker SRL. Using the startrep command with either -f or -b options does not attach the RLINK for a bunker.

  Note   The bunker SRL does not store Primary checkpoints; therefore, the bunker does not support attaching or resuming the Secondary from a checkpoint.