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Storage Replicator Log

The Storage Replicator Log (SRL) is a circular buffer of writes for an RVG. Each RVG contains one SRL. Writes to the data volumes in the RVG are first queued in the SRL on the Primary host before they are sent to the Secondary. VVR uses the SRL to track the order of writes to data volumes in the RVG. The SRL enables VVR to maintain write-order fidelity at the Secondary RVG.

In addition to the replication functionality, the SRL provides the functionality provided by the DRL (Dirty Region Log). Therefore, the SRL eliminates the need for the DRL because it provides faster resynchronization of data volumes.

From a VxVM perspective, the SRL is just another volume. Because all writes are written to the SRL first, it is important for the SRL to have optimum write performance. This means all performance techniques used to increase write performance of a volume apply to the SRL. For most implementations, the SRL is striped across multiple drives for write performance, and mirrored to an equal set of drives for protection.

Each write to the disks generates two writes: one to the SRL, and one to a data volume. For this reason, the data volumes and SRL volumes must be configured on different physical disks to improve write performance. Note that VVR does not allow application writes to the SRL.