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Displaying the RLINK information for all the hosts in the RDS

The vrstat -R command displays detailed statistics for the RLINKs on all the hosts in an RDS. This information can be used to assess connectivity and network problems between the hosts. The vrstat -R command can be executed from the Primary and the Secondary. The output of this command is a combination of the outputs of the vxrlink stats and vxrlink status commands.

To view information about all the RLINKs in an RDS:

# vrstat -R [local_rvgname]

The argument local_rvgname is the name of the RVG on the local host and is optional. The local RVG name represents its RDS.

If you specify the local_rvgname name, the vrstat -R command displays the information for all the RLINKs for the specified RVG. Otherwise, the command displays the information for all the RLINKs for all the RDSs. For an RVG in a shared disk group, the host_name is the logowner and the displayed information reflects activity on the logowner.

The output of this command resembles:

Mon Oct 27 15:44:21 2003

Replicated Data Set hr_rvg:

Data Status:

london: up-to-date.

Network Statistics:

Messages Errors                             Flow Control

-------- ------                             ------------

# Blocks RT(msec)  Timeout  Stream  Memory  Delays  NW Bytes NW Delay Timeout

seattle - london

260 133120 5 1    0 0 333 178000     1 20

279 0 11 0    0 0 0 100000     1 30

For more information on the fields in the output, see Displaying network performance data.