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pfto - Powerfail Timeout


HP-UX SCSI disk device drivers have a timeout facility that detects non-responding disks. VxVM uses this mechanism in its Powerfail Timeout (pfto) feature. You can specify a timeout value for individual VxVM disks using the vxdisk command (see the EXAMPLES section below). If a disk fails to respond in the specified timeout period, the driver receives a timer interrupt.

pfto values are persistent across reboots, that is, after the pfto value is set, it remains in effect until you explicitly change it. If dynamic multipathing is enabled, the pfto value set on a disk applies to each path of a multipath disk device.

The pfto value is in seconds. If pfto is not specified, or is zero, the timeout period is 30 seconds. Both the vxdisk and vxprint commands display the current pfto value for a disk.


Use the following command to set the value of pfto to 30 seconds on disk01:

vxdisk set disk01 pfto=30

Use either of the following commands to display the pfto value on the VxVM disk disk01:

vxdisk list disk01

vxprint -l disk01


Setting the pfto value on a non-VxVM disk returns an error.


vxdisk(1M), vxprint(1M)