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Utility error messages

Utility messages are issued by the vxconfigd configuration daemon and are displayed on the terminal where the command was executed. The messages listed here are not all-inclusive. In most cases, the messages are self-explanatory. Only those messages that require a message definition are listed here.


Message definition

Out of kernel memory  

The user request failed because the kernel could not allocate sufficient memory to complete the request successfully. If possible, attempt the request again. If it continues to fail, this may indicate that the system has insufficient resources. 

IBC error 

On the Secondary, an attempt was made to dissociate or delete an RLINK from an RVG against which there are outstanding IBC receive ioctls. All such outstanding ioctls must complete before the request will be processed. 

Duplicate master_datavol mapping 

Two volumes on the Secondary are mapped to the same volume on the Primary. 

Multiple attached rlinks on Secondary 

There could be some error during the recovery. The Secondary can only have one active RLINK. Clear the utility fields and then dissociate any inactive RLINKs. 

Replicated volume may not have a drl 

An attempt was made to associate a volume with the DRL log to an RVG. A volume with a DRL log is not allowed to be associated to an RVG. 

SRL cannot be resized 


An attempt was made to resize the SRL. The resize operation is not allowed if the volume is an SRL. 

V-5-1-3265 WARNING: DCM log size is smaller than recommended due to increased volume size. 

To resize the DCM, remove it and use the vxassist addlog command to set the correct size. 

V-5-1-3265 WARNING: DCM log size will be smaller than recommended due to increased volume size. 

Remove DCMs from volume and add them back specifying no loglen attribute, to get the default (recommended) size. Then re-issue the vxassist maxgrow command to find out how large the volume can be grown with the new DCM size. 

VSet can not be associated to RVG for dg version less than 140  

Indicates that the disk group for the RVG has a previous version that does not support associated volume sets. 

To correct this error, upgrade the disk group using the following command: 

# vxdg upgrade diskgroup

Rlink cannot be specified for making bunker secondary 

Indicates that an RLINK name was specified to the make Secondary command for a bunker RVG.  

Action: Do not specify the RLINK name in the makesecondary command for a bunker RVG. 

Cannot make bunker rvg %s a secondary because it has one attached rlink 

A bunker Primary RVG cannot be converted to bunker Secondary RVG when it has an attached rlink. First detach the bunker primary to the secondary rlink and then convert bunker primary to bunker secondary. 

-b option is valid only for attaching rlink from bunker primary rvg. 

"-b" option can only be used to connect rlink from bunker primary to secondary. 

Only -a option is valid for attaching bunker rlinks from non-bunker primary 

"-a" option can only be used to connect rlink from primary to bunker secondary. 

Rlink %s cannot be attached since bunker SRL doesn't contain updates to make secondary consistent after atomic commit. 

Bunker site does not have enough data to perform replication to secondary site, hence it can not be used to perform replication to secondary site. This is possible only in certain limited situations where bunker site is not uptodate as primary due to network outage between primary and bunker or bunker site down for some other reasons. 

Rlink %s cannot be attached since Bunker srl does not contain the update expected by secondary. 

Rlink %s cannot be attached because secondary has received more uptodate writes already 

Secondary site has received more uptodate data than bunker site, hence bunker site can not be used to recover the secondary.