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Example 3—Performing block-level backup of the Secondary data using the vradmin ibc command

This method performs the backup directly from the Secondary data volumes while the replication to Secondary is frozen. Make sure the Secondary SRL is large enough to hold the writes sent from the Primary while the backup is in progress. In this method, the Secondary data volumes are under replication control, and hence you cannot write to them. Use this method only if the backup process does not perform any writes to the Secondary data volumes.

  1. Perform step 1 and step 2 from Example 1—Decision support using the snapshot feature and the vradmin ibc command.
  2. Create the onfreeze script and copy it in the /etc/vx/vvr/ibc_scripts/dss_app directory on Secondary host:

    In the onfreeze script, include the following commands to perform block-level backup of the Secondary data volumes:


dd if=/dev/vx/rdsk/hrdg/hr_dv01 of=/dev/rmt/0

dd if=/dev/vx/rdsk/hrdg/hr_dv02 of=/dev/rmt/0

  Note   This example does not need the prefreeze and postfreeze scripts.

  1. Run the following vradmin ibc command from any host in the RDS:

    # vradmin -g hrdg ibc hr_rvg dss_app london