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Moving disks between disk groups

To move a disk between disk groups, remove the disk from one disk group and add it to the other. For example, to move the physical disk sdc (attached with the disk name salesdg04) from disk group salesdg and add it to disk group mktdg, use the following commands:

# vxdg -g salesdg rmdisk salesdg04

# vxdg -g mktdg adddisk mktdg02=sdc

Warning: This procedure does not save the configurations nor data on the disks.

You can also move a disk by using the vxdiskadm command. Select item 3 (Remove a disk) from the main menu, and then select item 1 (Add or initialize a disk).

The preferred method of moving disks between disk groups preserves VxVM objects, such as volumes, that are configured on the disks.

See "Moving objects between disk groups" on page 213.