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Removing a disk with subdisks

You can remove a disk on which some subdisks are defined. For example, you can consolidate all the volumes onto one disk. If you use the vxdiskadm program to remove a disk, you can choose to move volumes off that disk. To do this, run the vxdiskadm program and select item 3 (Remove a disk) from the main menu.

If the disk is used by some subdisks, the following message is displayed:

VxVM ERROR V-5-2-369 The following volumes currently use part of disk mydg02:

home usrvol

Volumes must be moved from mydg02 before it can be removed.

Move volumes to other disks? [y,n,q,?] (default: n)

If you choose y, then all subdisks are moved off the disk, if possible. Some subdisks are not movable. A subdisk may not be movable for one of the following reasons:

If the vxdiskadm program cannot move some subdisks, remove some plexes from some disks to free more space before proceeding with the disk removal operation.

See "Removing a volume" on page 299.

See "Taking plexes offline" on page 239.