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Adding plexes to a snapshot volume

If you want to retain the existing plexes in a snapshot volume after a snapback operation, you can create additional snapshot plexes that are to be used for the snapback.

 To add plexes to a snapshot volume

  1. Use the following vxprint commands to discover the names of the snapshot volume's data change object (DCO) and DCO volume:

    # DCONAME='vxprint [-g diskgroup] -F%dco_name snapshot'

    # DCOVOL='vxprint [-g diskgroup] -F%log_vol $DCONAME'

  2. Use the vxassist mirror command to create mirrors of the existing snapshot volume and its DCO volume:

    # vxassist -g diskgroup mirror snapshot

    # vxassist -g diskgroup mirror $DCOVOL

The new plex in the DCO volume is required for use with the new data plex in the snapshot.

  1. Use the vxprint command to find out the name of the additional snapshot plex:

    # vxprint -g diskgroup snapshot

  2. Use the vxprint command to find out the record ID of the additional DCO plex:

    # vxprint -g diskgroup -F%rid $DCOVOL

  3. Use the vxedit command to set the dco_plex_rid field of the new data plex to the name of the new DCO plex:

    # vxedit -g diskgroup set dco_plex_rid=dco_plex_rid new_plex

    The new data plex is now ready to be used to perform a snapback operation.