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Splitting subdisks

Splitting a subdisk divides an existing subdisk into two separate subdisks. To split a subdisk, use the following command:

# vxsd [-g diskgroup] -s size split subdisk newsd1 newsd2

where subdisk is the name of the original subdisk, newsd1 is the name of the first of the two subdisks to be created and newsd2 is the name of the second subdisk to be created.

The -s option is required to specify the size of the first of the two subdisks to be created. The second subdisk occupies the remaining space used by the original subdisk.

If the original subdisk is associated with a plex before the task, upon completion of the split, both of the resulting subdisks are associated with the same plex.

To split the original subdisk into more than two subdisks, repeat the previous command as many times as necessary on the resulting subdisks.

For example, to split subdisk mydg03-02, with size 2000 megabytes into subdisks mydg03-02, mydg03-03, mydg03-04 and mydg03-05, each with size 500 megabytes, all in the disk group, mydg, use the following commands:

# vxsd -g mydg -s 1000m split mydg03-02 mydg03-02 mydg03-04

# vxsd -g mydg -s 500m split mydg03-02 mydg03-02 mydg03-03

# vxsd -g mydg -s 500m split mydg03-04 mydg03-04 mydg03-05