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Mirroring volumes on a VM disk

Mirroring volumes on a VM disk gives you one or more copies of your volumes in another disk location. By creating mirror copies of your volumes, you protect your system against loss of data in case of a disk failure.

You can use this task on your root disk to make a second copy of the boot information available on an alternate disk. This allows you to boot your system even if your root disk is corrupted.

  Note   This task only mirrors concatenated volumes. Volumes are ignored if they are already mirrored or if they contain subdisks that reside on multiple disks.

 To mirror volumes on a disk

  1. Make sure that the target disk has an equal or greater amount of space as the originating disk.
  2. Select menu item 6 (Mirror volumes on a disk) from the vxdiskadm main menu.
  3. At the following prompt, enter the disk name of the disk that you wish to mirror:

Mirror volumes on a disk

Menu: VolumeManager/Disk/Mirror

This operation can be used to mirror volumes on a disk. These

volumes can be mirrored onto another disk or onto any

available disk space. Volumes will not be mirrored if they are

already mirrored. Also, volumes that are comprised of more

than one subdisk will not be mirrored.

Enter disk name [<disk>,list,q,?] mydg02

  1. At the following prompt, enter the target disk name (this disk must be the same size or larger than the originating disk):

    You can choose to mirror volumes from disk mydg02 onto any

    available disk space, or you can choose to mirror onto a

    specific disk. To mirror to a specific disk, select the name of

    that disk. To mirror to any available disk space, select


    Enter destination disk [<disk>,list,q,?] (default: any) mydg01

  2. At the following prompt, press Return to make the mirror:

    The requested operation is to mirror all volumes on disk

    mydg02 in disk group mydg onto available disk space on disk


    VxVM NOTICE V-5-2-229 This operation can take a long time to


    Continue with operation? [y,n,q,?] (default: y)

    The vxdiskadm program displays the status of the mirroring operation, as follows:

    VxVM vxmirror INFO V-5-2-22 Mirror volume voltest-bk00 ...

    VxVM INFO V-5-2-674 Mirroring of disk mydg01 is complete.

  3. At the following prompt, indicate whether you want to mirror volumes on another disk (y) or return to the vxdiskadm main menu (n):

    Mirror volumes on another disk? [y,n,q,?] (default: n)