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Assisted approach

The assisted approach takes information about what you want to accomplish and then performs the necessary underlying tasks. This approach requires only minimal input from you, but also permits more detailed specifications.

Assisted operations are performed primarily through the vxassist command or the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA). vxassist and the VEA create the required plexes and subdisks using only the basic attributes of the desired volume as input. Additionally, they can modify existing volumes while automatically modifying any underlying or associated objects.

Both vxassist and the VEA use default values for many volume attributes, unless you provide specific values. They do not require you to have a thorough understanding of low-level VxVM concepts, vxassist and the VEA do not conflict with other VxVM commands or preclude their use. Objects created by vxassist and the VEA are compatible and inter-operable with objects created by other VxVM commands and interfaces.