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vxrootmir - mirror root disk to an alternate disk


/etc/vx/bin/vxrootmir mirror_da_name mirror_dm_name


The vxrootmir utility creates a mirror of the root disk by replicating the root disk's partitions, subdisks, plexes and volumes on another disk.

mirror_da_name is the disk access name of the disk that is to be used for mirroring the root disk. This mirror disk must be at least as large as the root disk, and its geometry as seen by Linux must be the same as that of the root disk.

mirror_dm_name is the disk media name that you want to assign to the mirror disk. The specified disk media name must not be in use by VxVM or by any other subsystem (such as a swap device or mounted partition).

The vxrootmir utility is automatically invoked if vxdiskadm is used to mirror the root disk.


vxdiskadm(1M), vxintro(1M), vxtask(1M)