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vvrsecdgd - Monitors the disk group of bunker secondary and performs import and recovery of the disk group if the disk group is disabled because of transient I/O failure.


/etc/vx/bin/vxvvrsecdgd [-v ] [mail-address ...]


The VERITAS Volume Replicator Secondary Diskgroup monitor Daemon, is invoked by the kernel when the disk group of a bunker Secondary using the STORAGE protocol enters the DISABLED state because of temporary I/O failure. The vxvvrsecdgd daemon then spins off an error handler thread to handle this error. The error handler thread first sends an email message to notify the administrator about the failure. Then, it periodically tries to import the target disk group. If it succeeds in importing the disk group, it recovers the objects. Then it sends an email message to notify the administrator about the success or failure in recovering and importing the disk group. The -v option enables the daemon in verbose mode. If no email addresses are given as arguments, email is sent to root.


The vxvvrsecdgd daemon is started automatically after VxVM is installed and after every system reboot, if the VVR license is present. If the VVR license is added while the system is running, the administrator needs to start the daemon manually.