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Resizing a data volume in a Replicated Data Set

Use the Resize Volume task to resize a data volume in a Replicated Data Set (RDS) even while replication is in progress. The Resize Volume dialog box resizes the specified data volume in all the RVGs in an RDS.

Important Notes for Resizing a Data Volume

Prerequisite for resizing a data volume in an RDS

  Before increasing the size of a data volume, verify whether there is enough space in the disk group on the Primary and the Secondary.

 To resize a data volume in an RDS

  1. From the tree view, double-click the RDS name and select the host name. For example, seattle or london.
  2. From the Primary RVG view or Secondary RVG view, click the Data Volume tab to display the list of volumes.
  3. Select the name of the data volume to be resized. For example, hr_dv01.
  4. Choose Replication > Resize Volume. To use the pop-up menu, right-click the name of the data volume and select Resize Volume.
  5. In the New Size box, type the new size of the data volume. Note that this value must be an integer. You cannot enter decimal numbers.
  6. Select the unit of measurement. The default is megabytes (MB).
  7. To decrease the size of the data volume hr_dv01 when the size of the Primary and Secondary data volumes is the same, click Force Resize.
  8. Click OK. The result box displays a message, which indicates whether or not the operation succeeded.
  9. In the result box, click OK.


  • Use the Data Volume tab in the RVG View to view the new size of the resized data volume.