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Converting from the Solaris Volume Manager software to VxVM

Warning: This is the first step that makes changes, and that is not easily reversed. Be sure that you are ready for the conversion before performing this step. This step also includes downtime for volume management and leads to a reboot for the system.

Run the doconvert utility to start the conversion from the Solaris Volume Manager software to VxVM. A manual reboot of the system completes the conversion by updating configuration changes that were made by doconvert.

# doconvert [force]

The doconvert utility checks that the VxVM licenses are correct, makes configuration changes, and then prompts for a system reboot. You must reboot the system immediately to complete the conversion process. If you run doconvert with the force option, the system is automatically rebooted without prompting you.

Warning: Do not make system configuration changes after running doconvert and before rebooting. Such changes can lead to loss of data.

If you choose not to reboot, the location of a script is given that allows you to reverse the changes to the system files made by doconvert. If you run this script, the system files are reinstated and the conversion is prevented from completing at the next reboot.

If doconvert fails, the system remains unchanged. You can then return to the preparation steps to correct problems. The following situations cause doconvert to fail:

During the conversion, doconvert displays locations for some system file backups.