Resynchronizing a snapshot to a database

Resynchronizing a snapshot to a database will refresh the snapshot so that it contains the most recent changes made to your production database.


  • You must be logged in as the DB2 database administrator.

  • You must shut down the clone database and unmount the file systems.

Usage notes

  • See the db2ed_vmsnap(1M) manual page for more information.

To resynchronize a snapshot to a database

  1. Click a snapplan, located under the Snapplans icon, in the object tree. (You may need to expand the tree view to find the icon.)

  2. Access the Resync Snapshot wizard.

    See Accessing FlashSnap tasks in the Java GUI.

    See Accessing database tasks in the Web GUI.

  3. At the confirmation prompt, click OK to continue resynchronizing the snapshot to the database.

  4. If the resynchronization is successful, you a confirmation message displays. Click OK to continue.

  5. Status information similar to the following example is displayed. Click OK when you have finished viewing the information.

    		db2ed_vmsnap started at 2005-05-13 17:20:05
    		The option resync has been completed.

    To see the details, click the Show details checkbox. The details are displayed in a pop-up window.