Unmounting a Storage Checkpoint

You can unmount a Storage Checkpoint just as you can do with any file system.

To unmount a Storage Checkpoint

  1. Click a specific Storage Checkpoint in the object tree. (You may need to expand the tree view to find the Storage Checkpoint.)

    If you want to unmount a Storage Checkpoint that was originally mounted with the Read/Write option, you should unmount the new Storage Checkpoint that was automatically created by the GUI, which is the Storage Checkpoint that contains the wr<001> suffix, where <001> is a sequential number, at the end of the name.

  2. Access the Unmount a Storage Checkpoint wizard.

    See Accessing Storage Checkpoint tasks in the Java GUI.

    See Accessing database tasks in the Web GUI.

  3. Verify that you are unmounting the correct Storage Checkpoint and click Unmount to continue. If you selected the wrong Storage Checkpoint, click Cancel. The information on this screen is read-only.

  4. At the prompt, click Yes to proceed with unmounting the Storage Checkpoint.

  5. A confirmation dialog is displayed. Click OK to continue.