administrative IP address

The operating system controls these IP addresses and brings them up even before VCS brings applications online. Use them to access a specific system over the network for doing administrative tasks, for example: examining logs to troubleshoot issues, cleaning up temp files to free space, etc. Typically, you have one administrative IP address per node.

agent function

Agent functions start, stop, fault, forcibly stop, and monitor resources using scripts. Sometimes called an entry point.

base IP address

The first logical IP address, can be used as an administrative IP address.

entry point

See agent function.

floating IP address

See virtual IP address.

logical IP address

Any IP address assigned to a NIC.

NIC bonding

Combining two or more NICs to form a single logical NIC, which creates a fatter pipe.


All agents have scripts that turn the resource on and off. Operations determine the action that the agent passes to the resource. See None operation, OnOff operation, and OnOnly operation.

None operation

For example the NIC resource. Also called persistent resource, this resource is always on. This kind of resource has no online and offline scripts, and only monitors a resource.

OnOff operation

For example the IP and Share agents--in fact most agents are OnOff. This resource has online and offline scripts. Often this type of resource does not appear in the types file because by default when a resource does not have this resource type defined, it is OnOff.

OnOnly operation

For example the NFS, FileOnOnly resources. This kind of resource has an online script, but not an offline one.


Term for enabling an IP address—used across all platforms in this guide.

test IP address

IP addresses to help determine the state of a link by sending out a ping probe to another NIC (on another system.) Requires a return ping to complete the test. Test IP addresses can be the same as base IP addresses.

virtual IP address

IP addresses that can move from one NIC to another or from one node to another. VCS fails over these IP address with your application. Sometimes called a floating IP address.