About the vxfenswap utility

The vxfenswap utility allows you to replace coordinator disks in a cluster that is online. The utility verifies that the serial number of the new disks are identical on all the nodes and the new disks can support I/O fencing.

This utility also supports server-based fencing.

Refer to the vxfenswap(1M) manual page.

See Veritas Cluster Server Installation Guide for details on the coordinator disk requirements.

You can replace the coordinator disks without stopping I/O fencing in the following cases:

In server-based fencing configuration, you can use the vxfenswap utility to perform the following tasks:

If the vxfenswap operation is unsuccessful, then you can use the -a cancel option of the vxfenswap command to manually roll back the changes that the vxfenswap utility does.