Using Quick I/O with Sybase databases

To create a new database device, preallocate space on the file system by using the qiomkfile command, then use the Sybase buildmaster command for a master device, or the Transact SQL disk init command for a database device. qiomkfile creates two files: a regular file using preallocated, contiguous space, and a symbolic link pointing to the ::cdev:vxfs: name extension.

The following example creates a 100 megabyte master device masterdev on the file system /sybmaster.

To create a new Sybase database device

  1. Go to the /sybmaster file system:

      # cd /sybmaster
  2. Create the masterdev file and preallocate 100 MB for the file:

      # qiomkfile -s 100m masterdev

    You can use this master device while running the sybsetup program or sybinit script.

  3. Change the ownership of the masterdev file to sybase:

      # chown sybase masterdev
  4. To create the master device directly, enter:

      # buildmaster -d masterdev -s 51200
  5. Add a new 500 megabyte database device datadev to the file system /sybdata on your dataserver:

      # cd /sybdata
      # qiomkfile -s 500m datadev
  6. Change the ownership of the datadev file to sybase:

      # chown sybase datadev
  7. Start the Sybase database:

      # isql -U sa -P sa_password -S dataserver_name
  8. Set up the datadev database device:

      1> disk init
      2> name = "logical_name",
      3> physname = "/sybdata/datadev",
      4> vdevno = "device_number",
      5> size = 256000
      6> go