About multi-volume support

VxFS provides support for multi-volume file systems when used in conjunction with the Veritas Volume Manager. Using multi-volume support (MVS), a single file system can be created over multiple volumes, each volume having its own properties. For example, it is possible to place metadata on mirrored storage while placing file data on better-performing volume types such as RAID-1+0 (striped and mirrored). The volume must be in the same disk group as the volume set, and it cannot already be a member of another volume set.

The MVS feature also allows file systems to reside on different classes of devices, so that a file system can be supported from both inexpensive disks and from expensive arrays. Using the MVS administrative interface, you can control which data goes on which volume types.


Multi-volume support is available only on file systems using disk layout Version 6 or later.

See About disk layouts.

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