Specifying systems for configuration

The installer prompts for the system names on which you want to configure SFCFSHA. The installer performs an initial check on the systems that you specify.

To specify system names for configuration

  1. Enter the names of the systems where you want to configure SFCFSHA.
    Enter the operating_system system names separated 
    by spaces:  [q,?] (sys1) sys1 sys2
  2. Review the output as the installer verifies the systems you specify.

    The installer does the following tasks:

    • Checks that the local node running the installer can communicate with remote nodes

      If the installer finds ssh binaries, it confirms that ssh can operate without requests for passwords or passphrases. If ssh binaries cannot communicate with remote nodes, the installer tries remsh binaries. And if both ssh and rsh binaries fail, the installer prompts to help the user to setup ssh or rsh binaries.

    • Makes sure that the systems are running with the supported operating system

    • Makes sure the installer started from the global zone

    • Verifies that SFCFSHA is installed

    • Exits if Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability 6.0.1 is not installed

  3. Review the installer output about the I/O fencing configuration and confirm whether you want to configure fencing in enabled mode.

    Do you want to configure I/O Fencing in enabled mode? [y,n,q,?] (y)

    See About planning to configure I/O fencing.