Administering an encapsulated boot disk

The vxrootadm command lets you make a bootable snapshot of an encapsulated boot disk or grow the encapsulated boot disk.

The vxrootadm command has the following format:

# vxrootadm [-v] [-g dg] [-s srcdisk] ... keyword arg ...

Valid keyword and argument combinations are as follows:

vxrootadm includes the following options:

vxrootadm [-v ] [-D]

These are verbose and debug message options and are optional.

vxrootadm [-g dg]

The disk group argument is optional; however, it is only used with the mksnap keyword or during phase 1 of a grow operation.

vxrootadm -s srcdisk

Specifies the source disk.

See the vxrootadm(1m) manual page.

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