Unencapsulating the root disk

You can use the vxunroot utility to remove rootability support from a system. This makes root, swap, home and other file systems on the root disk directly accessible through disk partitions, instead of through volume devices.

The vxunroot utility also makes the necessary configuration changes to allow the system to boot without any dependency on VxVM.

Only the volumes that were present on the root disk when it was encapsulated can be unencapsulated using vxunroot. Before running vxunroot, evacuate all other volumes that were created on the root disk after it was encapsulated.

Do not remove the plexes on the root disk that correspond to the original disk partitions.


This procedure requires a reboot of the system.

To remove rootability from a system

  1. Use the vxplex command to remove all the plexes of the volumes rootvol, swapvol, usr, var, opt and home on the disks other than the root disk.

    For example, the following command removes the plexes rootvol-02, swapvol-02, and home-02 that are configured on the boot disk mirror:

    # vxplex -g bootdg -o rm dis rootvol-02 swapvol-02 home-02
  2. Run the vxunroot utility:
    # vxunroot

    vxunroot does not perform any conversion to disk partitions if any plexes remain on other disks.